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Building a village around our children

Upcoming events for Play Cousins Collective

    • 07/07/2022
    • 5:30 PM
    • 07/08/2022
    • 7:30 PM
    • 2600 West Broadway Suite 205
    • 25

    Exploring the impact of Child Protective Services and its reputation on our relationships with Care Providers.

    *All guest registrants are considered to be children. Please do not register an adult as a guest. Register additional adults separately.

Past events

07/03/2022 Free Play in Nature
07/01/2022 Circle Time Playdate at Shawnee Park
06/26/2022 Coming of Age: Managing Your Emotions
06/26/2022 Soul Sisters Healing Circle: Sacred Space
06/24/2022 Pop Up Playdate
06/18/2022 Pop Up Playdate Juneteenth Edition
06/12/2022 Tween Tenacity
06/11/2022 Western Library Block Party
06/11/2022 Touch a Truck w/ Circle Time and Play Cousins
06/05/2022 Self Care Sunday
06/03/2022 Pop-Up Playdate
05/28/2022 Coming of Age: Hold The Line
05/27/2022 Black Homeschoolers Symposium
05/27/2022 CANCELLED! Pop Up Play Date
05/21/2022 West End Farmer's Market
05/21/2022 MindFest (Children's Programming)
05/21/2022 Soul Sisters & Brother Healing Brother at Mindfest
05/20/2022 Pop Up Playdate
05/17/2022 Pajama Day
05/15/2022 Tummy Time
05/14/2022 Circle Time Parent Cafe: House of Love
05/13/2022 Circle Time Play Date/ Louisville Zoo
05/08/2022 Trust Black Women Mothers Day Party/Brunch
05/04/2022 Co-Work and Co-Play 11:00 AM -4:00 PM
05/01/2022 Art in the Park
04/30/2022 Let's Talk About Sex...
04/27/2022 Co-Work and Co-Play 11:00 AM -4:00 PM
04/25/2022 Co-Work and Co-Play 11:00 AM -4:00 PM
04/24/2022 Soul Sisters Heal through Mother Earth
04/24/2022 Creating Inner Stillness, Vol. 1
04/22/2022 Exploring Science- Play Date with Circle Time
04/20/2022 Co-Work and Co-Play 11:00 AM -4:00 PM
04/16/2022 Tummy Time: Black Birth Joy
04/13/2022 Co-Work and Co-Play 11:00 AM -4:00 PM
04/12/2022 Next Steps Listening Session
04/11/2022 Co-Work and Co-Play 12:00 PM -4:00 PM
04/09/2022 The Motivated Mama and Circle Time West Louisville Egg Hunt
04/03/2022 Nurturing Individuality
03/30/2022 Co-Work and Co-Play 11:00 AM -4:00 PM
03/28/2022 Co-Work and Co-Play 11:00 AM -4:00 PM
03/27/2022 Soul Sisters: Healing Circle
03/26/2022 Coming of Age: Sweet Re-Leaf
03/26/2022 Brother Healing Brother: Unmasking Superman
03/25/2022 Co-Work and Co-Play 11:00 AM -4:00 PM
03/23/2022 Co-Work and Co-Play 11:00 AM -4:00 PM
03/22/2022 The Future of Student Assignment
03/20/2022 Tummy Time: Make Time for Me Time
03/19/2022 The Ancestral Tour at ROOTS 101
03/18/2022 Co-Work and Co-Play 11:00 AM -4:00 PM
03/09/2022 Co-Work and Co-Play 1:30PM-4:00 PM
03/09/2022 Co-Work and Co-Play 11AM-1:30PM
03/06/2022 Brother Healing Brother: Candle Making
03/05/2022 Elementary Innovation Outing:The Art of Sam Gilliam
02/27/2022 Soul Sisters Feminine Fever
02/26/2022 Coming Of Age Monthly Meeting
02/25/2022 Wellness Care & Relief Community Give Away
02/20/2022 Tummy Time: Bonding with Baby
02/12/2022 Circle Time Presents "from Wounds to Wisdom" Parent Cafe
02/10/2022 Circle Time Orientation
02/01/2022 Circle Time Empower & Engage with Councilwoman Keisha Dorsey, MPH
01/30/2022 Soul Sisters: Bring the new year in style!
01/30/2022 Baby and Me Yoga
01/29/2022 Coming of Age Parents & Teens Circle
01/20/2022 Gentle Child Rearing Workshop
01/14/2022 Circle Time KMAC Play Date
01/08/2022 Circle Time Play Date- KY Science Center
01/01/2022 "I Am A Future Ancestor" Kwanzaa Celebration
12/31/2021 Kuumba is for Creativity
12/30/2021 Nia Means Purpose Kwanzaa Chess Bowl
12/29/2021 Ujamaa Market
12/28/2021 Black Lives Matter Louisville Ujimaa Workshop on Disaster Preparedness
12/27/2021 Our Story Kujichagulia Kwanzaa Celebration
12/26/2021 "I'll be home for Kwanzaa" Virtual Celebration
12/26/2021 Circle Time Play Date: Science Center
12/19/2021 Tummy Time “Reclaiming My Time” Vision Board Party
12/18/2021 Creating an Everlasting Bond
12/18/2021 Secret Shopper
12/17/2021 Circle Time Toy Giveaway
12/16/2021 December Gentle Childrearing Workshop Virtually in Zoom
12/16/2021 VOLUNTEER packing Kwanzaa Kits and Sorting Toys
12/16/2021 Kwanzaa Kit Reservations
12/15/2021 VOLUNTEER packing Kwanzaa Kits and Sorting Toys
12/14/2021 Volunteer packing Kwanzaa Kits and Sorting Toys
12/12/2021 Coming Of Age: Icebreaker
12/11/2021 Circle Time: Holiday Kickback
12/09/2021 The Laundry Load Off 5:00 session
12/09/2021 The Laundry Load Off 6:00 session
12/09/2021 The Laundry Load Off 4:00 session
12/09/2021 The Laundry Load Off 3:00 session
11/28/2021 Brother Healing Brother: Home For The Holidays
11/21/2021 Elementary Innovation: The Reading Connection
11/20/2021 RPOP National Children's Day Sweet Celebration Hip Hop Sweet Shop
11/20/2021 Pausing for Postpartum Health
11/18/2021 Gentle Childrearing Workshop Virtually in Zoom
11/13/2021 Parent Cafe:Sankofa!(Gratitude)
11/12/2021 Parent Power Social Worker Review
11/05/2021 Circle Time Kindergarten Kickoff!
10/30/2021 Cousins at the Concert with AMPED and the Louisville Orchestra
10/30/2021 Elementary Innovators visit Bernheim Forest
10/24/2021 Recognizing Trauma
10/24/2021 Soul Sisters: Navigating the Unknown
10/23/2021 Circle Time Play Date Newport Aquarium
10/21/2021 Beecher Terrace Trunk or Treat
10/20/2021 CTCT Free Monthly Small Business Workshop
10/20/2021 Boo at the Zoo
10/16/2021 SOLACE Youth Support Circle
10/15/2021 Pregnancy and Child Loss Candlelight Ceremony
10/02/2021 Cousins at the Concert with AMPED and the Louisville Orchestra
09/30/2021 Mizizi Homeschool Co-Op Parent Meeting
09/30/2021 Pajama Day
09/29/2021 Tummy Time: Parenting with Rhythm
09/29/2021 Cowork & Coplay
09/28/2021 Martial Arts Class
09/28/2021 Mizizi Homeschool Co-Op Class
09/27/2021 Piano Class
09/27/2021 Cowork & Coplay
09/11/2021 Circle Time Parent Cafe: Safety First
08/29/2021 Brother Healing Brother: The Power of Music
08/29/2021 Soul Sisters Healing Retreat
08/28/2021 California Day
08/28/2021 Chocolate Milk March and Milk In
08/20/2021 Pop Up Play Date- Russell
08/17/2021 Speed Museum's 1st Artist Salon
08/17/2021 Mizizi EXTRA!!Curricular
08/17/2021 Mizizi Homeschool Co-op August
08/13/2021 Pop Up Play Date- Beecher Terrace
08/10/2021 Virtual Parenting Workshop: Gentle Child Rearing
08/07/2021 Victory Day
08/07/2021 Community Healing Session Series- Grief & Pregnancy Loss
08/06/2021 Pop Up Play Date- Parkhill
08/05/2021 Clubhouse (Last day)
08/03/2021 Community Healing Session Series- Men's Emotional Support
08/03/2021 Clubhouse
07/31/2021 Community Healing Session Series- Substance use & Recovery
07/24/2021 A ride to the Zoo
07/24/2021 Wild Ride Zoo Trip
07/21/2021 Annual general meeting
07/18/2021 Family Reunion
07/16/2021 June 16Th. Playdate location change due to RAIN
07/16/2021 Play Cousins Collective- Playdates

Play Cousins Collective is working diligently to weave a web of resources in our village. Our community is overabundant with opportunities for Black families. Please use this community calendar to search for a plethora of community events such as family fun, discussion panels, and even professional development opportunities.

Contact Us

Address: 2600 West Broadway Suite 205

Louisville, KY 40211

About Us

Play Cousins Collective is an African American Family Collective building villages around our children through family and children’s programming and resource sharing. Families create and lead programs (rooted in Ancestral methods of healing and resilience) to serve their unique needs, heal generational traumas and build a network that insulates them from systemic oppression and racism.
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