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Building a village around our children

About Play Cousins Collective

Members of Play Cousins Collective inherit the collective genius and cultural wealth that is Black Louisville. Through our growing network of Black families, businesses and service providers we are carving out safe spaces to exist and meet our needs. We understand the quality and quantity of our relationships to be a major determinant of health and recognize systemic oppression, neglect and exclusion by systems meant to serve us as hazardous.

Play Cousins Collective creates intimate spaces steeped in cultural practice and Black joy to share resources and knowledge among the knowledge-keepers and shareholders, all Black people. Our spaces are intersectional, intergenerational and centered around the most vulnerable, our children.

Children's Programming

Play Cousins Collective develops and facilitates programing and curriculum centering Black children's lived experiences and imaginations. Our spaces affirm and invest in our children.

  • Play and Learn Labs
  • Mizizi Homeschool Co-Op
  • S.O.L.A.C.E.

Healing Circles

Black adults are welcomed into healing circles connecting them to Black therapists and creating space to be vulnerable and build relationships. Together we are healing and parenting our inner children to prevent generational traumas and adverse experiences.

  • Soul Sisters

  • Brother Healing Brother

Parenting Groups

Parents pregnant or raising Black children are supported through monthly gatherings and personal relationships with Parent Advocates. Collectively we are raising our children with gentle and nurturing cultural practices such as midwifery, breastfeeding, baby wearing, shared childcare and reverence for children.

  • Tummy Time
  • Circle Time

Contact Us

Address: 2600 West Broadway Suite 205

Louisville, KY 40211

About Us

Play Cousins Collective is an African American Family Collective building villages around our children through family and children’s programming and resource sharing. Families create and lead programs (rooted in Ancestral methods of healing and resilience) to serve their unique needs, heal generational traumas and build a network that insulates them from systemic oppression and racism.
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