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Building a village around our children

Our programs

At Play Cousins Collective families create and lead programs, rooted in Ancestral methods of healing and resilience, to serve their unique needs, heal generational traumas and build a network that insulates them from systemic oppression and racism. Each parent support group or healing circle connects us to one another and the healing and liberating ways of our people. Together we are committing to parenting our inner children and the next generation with intention and gentleness. We will condition our children and the village as a whole to expect greatness and to see our people as powerful because of the opportunities, affirmation and respect cultivated among us. 

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Soul Sisters 

Soul Sisters is a healing circle for feminine-centered folks of African heritage co-facilitated by Black female mental health professionals.Methods of healing and maintaining mental health are celebrated at this monthly gathering. Topics such as the myth of the Black Superwoman, pregnancy loss, goal setting and boundaries are discussed monthly as well as the personal life experiences and challenges of participants.

Brother Healing Brother 

Brother Healing Brother is a space for masculine-centered folks ofAfrican heritage to share knowledge and resources. Participants build positive relationships through authentic conversations about their life experiences, supported by Black male mental health professionals. Taking the time to model positive masculinity sets the tone for the level of vulnerability, accountability, and positivity we are asking the Brothers in our community to share.  

Circle Time

The Circle Time parent group engages parents of children 2 months old to 5 ½ years old. Circle Time seeks to cultivate a better informed, connected and prepared parenting community by utilizing the Play Cousins Collective Family Network and the Ages and Stages Questionnaire provided by Metro United Way. The Ages and Stages questionnaire helps to monitor the early development of children ensuring they’re on track for true kindergarten readiness. Circle Time aims to bolster a sense of community with its participants through monthly events that are fun, informative, and empowering. 

Elementary Innovation

Elementary Innovation is a support circle for parents of elementary age children. Parents and children will gather monthly. Children are engaged in Play Cousins programming while adults share their experiences, resources and needs around parenting. Children ages 6-10 explore and achieve milestones related to self confidence, problem solving and mastery of skills. They begin to recognize that people’s perspectives and experiences differ along with their personality. Their ability to reason, compare and negotiate increases along with their need for social belonging. Join other parents to establish shared values, discuss supporting your child’s independence and safety and problem solve around issues like bullying and the school system. 

Coming of Age

Coming Of Age is a support circle for parents of teenage children ages 15-18. Parents and youth gather monthly. Youth are engaged in Play Cousins programming while adults share their experiences, resources and needs around parenting. 

During this growth period teens will reach 95% of their adult height, they may seem self-absorbed and will have an increased concern for the future. They may experiment in risk taking behavior and develop more serious relationships. They will develop a clearer sexual identity. Being open, informative and refraining from shaming your child at this time will be important. Responding with curiosity and support rather than judgement will also be a challenge. This stage will bring about important life decisions. 

Your modeling of values, compassion and love for your child will help shape them into the adult they will soon become. Encouraging their sense of self, autonomy and sense of humor is important but pairing that with a connection to the local and global community is pivotal. During this phase we must prepare our children to inherit the village and become leaders in our community. Join our parent support group as you and your child come into a new age of self and relationship with one another.

Mizizi Homeschool Co-op

The Mizizi Homeschool Co-op serves to support  African-American homeschooling parents and  their children. The co-op is a grassroots effort founded by parents in YAMAH, a support group for African-American Mothers. The co-op provides families with the tools they need to successfully homeschool their children. By inviting homeschooled children into learning cohorts with Black educators, our students get the best of both worlds. They are given the opportunity to participate in group learning, cultural and social activities, and their parents are able to collaborate with others on finding the best resources and methods to teach their children at home. The program is evaluated by  BLOCStars. 

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