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Building a village around our children

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Akhilah Cherry

Administrator/ Educator

Mizizi Homeschool Co-op

Louisville, KY

502 - 416 - 4612


The Mizizi Homeschool Co-op serves to support  African-American homeschooling parents and their children. The co-op is a grassroots effort founded by parents in YAMAH, a support group for African-American Mothers. The co-op provides families with the tools they need to successfully homeschool their children. By inviting homeschooled children into learning cohorts with Black educators, our students get the best of both worlds. They are given the opportunity to participate in group learning, cultural and social activities, and their parents are able to collaborate with others on finding the best resources and methods to teach their children at home. The program is evaluated by BLOC Stars. 

Daily ScheduleAges 3-5 

Decode Reading - 10:00

Math with Liberated Minds - 11:00

Stations - 11:30

Lunch and Recess - 12:00

Circle Time - 1:00

Quiet/Nap Time - 1:30

Science - 2:30

Art Tuesdays - 3:00 

Dance Thursdays - 3:00

Yoga/Martial Arts Tuesdays - 4:00 

Spanish Thursdays - 4:00 

Friday Violin 12:00 

Ages 6 & Up 

Math with Liberated Minds - 10:00 

Reading with Decode - 11:00 

Virtual Class Our Story - 1:00 

Virtual Class Science - 2:00 

Art Tuesdays - 3:00 

Dance Thursdays - 3:00 

Yoga/Martial Arts Tuesdays -  4:00 

Spanish Thursdays -  4:00 

LIT Leaders In Training (Youth 11-15 years old) 5:30

Monday Piano -  5:00

Friday Violin - 12:00 

   *All classes are an hour long


Parents pay by the month by the first of the month or before their child begins. 

Our classes will be offered from 10am - 5pm

  • Virtual Class Our Story  $15 a month

  • Virtual Class Science.  $15 a month

  • Art Tuesdays $5 per class

  • Dance Thursdays $5 per class

  • Yoga/Martial Arts Tuesdays $5 per class

  • Spanish Thursdays $5 per class

  • LIT Leaders In Training  $10 per class

*If your child joins us 10am-5pm on Tuesday and Thursday tuition will be $25 a day 

Mizizi Educators

Shauntrice Martin- Art

Betty Jeune Martis- Circle Time

Portia White- Dance

Latoya Whitlock- Decode Reading

Curt Wells- LIT

Derrick Stringer- Martial Arts

Lailah Hampton-El- Math

Marie Lewis- Our Story

Rodney Noble Jr.- Piano

Jo'cari Beattie- Science

Akhilah DeBow-Cherry- Violin

Shavaun Evans- Yoga

Ashley White- Spanish

Music with Mizizi

Through our community partners AMPED and Nia Strings, Play Cousins members are able to access free or inexpensive music classes! To learn more or register see the links below. 

Mizizi Homeschool Co-Op

Contact Us

Address: 2600 West Broadway Suite 205

Louisville, KY 40211

About Us

Play Cousins Collective is an African American Family Collective building villages around our children through family and children’s programming and resource sharing. Families create and lead programs (rooted in Ancestral methods of healing and resilience) to serve their unique needs, heal generational traumas and build a network that insulates them from systemic oppression and racism.
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